The Graph Foundation

Events Coordinator

Full-Time in Worldwide - Remote OK

The Graph is an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS. Anyone can build and publish open APIs, called subgraphs, making data easily accessible. Web3 is a new stack for a radically better internet. All data is stored and processed on open networks with verifiable integrity. The Graph makes querying this data fast, reliable, and secure. By combining web3 protocols, developers can build dapps with powerful new features for solving the world's greatest challenges.

The Graph Foundation is committed to supporting the long-term health and growth of The Graph ecosystem. We help interested parties engage with the community.

The Events Coordinator will support in-person and virtual events, large and small, to foster growth and engagement within the web3 community and beyond. They are a self-starter that can hit the ground running, meet deadlines, coordinate people and activities, manage different workstreams, and utilize their event planning experience to optimize the organization and execution of events.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Planning and executing virtual and in-person events
  • You will be taking care of some of the largest online and offline events and conferences in the crypto space, managing end-to-end planning to execution
  • Connecting OKRs and key messages for events
  • Coordinating and managing pre-event promotion, on-the-day management and post-event follow up activities, including email campaigns, surveys and other inbound and outbound correspondence
  • Producing compelling content for various distribution channels, including webinars and event materials, presentations, conferences and meetups
  • Organizing hackathons around The Graph ecosystem
  • Organizing working groups (DeFi, NFTs, Governance, DAOs, Work, Analytics, Social Media, etc)
  • Orchestrating and facilitating group events (online panels, conferences, off-sites & all-hands), meeting agendas, logistics and follow-ups
  • Staying on top of partners' and internal teams for upcoming events and product launches and supporting where we can
  • Calendaring & scheduling events for our space
  • Helping to bring The Graph to small towns and around the globe by supporting events throughout the World
  • Organizing our largest yearly 4-day event, Graph Day & Graph HACK (conference around The Graph ecosystem)
  • Creating immersive events for our entire community, while staying on brand
  • Assisting with the creative development of event initiatives, from branding, agenda design, content creation, swag, and venue selection to event execution
  • Negotiating and running external partners/vendors for multiple events
  • Regularly traveling to events worldwide

What We Expect

  • 3-5 years of experience within the event planning space
  • Ability to travel

About The Graph

The Graph is the indexing and query layer of web3. The Graph Network’s self service experience for developers launched in July 2021. Developers build and publish open APIs, called subgraphs, that applications can query using GraphQL. The Graph supports indexing data from multiple different networks including Ethereum, NEAR, Arbitrium, Optimism, Polygon, Avalanche, Celo, Fantom, Moonbeam, IPFS, and PoA with more networks coming soon. To date, tens-of-thousands of subgraphs have been deployed on the hosted service, and now subgraphs can be deployed directly on the network. Over 28,000 developers have built subgraphs for applications such as Uniswap, Synthetix, KnownOrigin, Art Blocks, Balancer, Livepeer, DAOstack, Audius, Decentraland, and many others.

If you are a developer building an application or web3 application, you can use subgraphs for indexing and querying data from blockchains. The Graph allows applications to efficiently and performantly present data in a UI and allows other developers to use your subgraph too! You can deploy a subgraph to the network using the newly launched Subgraph Studio or query existing subgraphs that are in the Graph Explorer. The Graph would love to welcome you to be Indexers, Curators and/or Delegators on The Graph’s mainnet. Join The Graph community by introducing yourself in The Graph Discord for technical discussions, join The Graph’s Telegram chat, and follow The Graph on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Medium! The Graph’s developers and members of the community are always eager to chat with you, and The Graph ecosystem has a growing community of developers who support each other.

The Graph Foundation oversees The Graph Network. The Graph Foundation is overseen by the Technical Council. Edge & Node, StreamingFast, Messari, Semiotic and The Guild are five of the many organizations within The Graph ecosystem.