Edge & Node

Support and QA Engineer

Full-Time in Anywhere, worldwide - Mid Level - Product

What We’re Looking For

You are passionate about Web3 and are familiar with The Graph. You are savvy about blockchains and APIs, with knowledge of subgraphs. You are driven and committed to developing optimal experiences for engineers and users. You excel in client-facing roles and are ready to work with the best Web3 projects globally.


  • Review all of external channels for The Graph and be extremely present and responsive
  • Being helpful to all users of The Graph and ensuring each has a positive experience
  • Actively answer queries on Discord and identify issues and bugs and ensure applications have seamless experiences with The Graph
  • If the requests are more complex, narrow down the problem a bit, reproduce and write a proper ticket so that the other engineers can take it from there
  • Work closely with the Product Engineering team and perform ongoing QA of the features they are building
  • Provide technical support and answer questions during hackathons, technical workshops and other inbounds from community events; help developers build the best subgraphs during the events
  • Strong technical background
  • Experience with product testing and QA
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • Experience debugging with browser tools, command line and similar
  • Knowledge about The Graph, blockchain and Web3
  • Attention to detail, responsiveness, collaboration
  • Knowledge about Cryptocurrency and the web3 community
  • Experience with Customer Success and providing solutions for engineering products is preferred